Nurture Your Kids

Knowledge Books

Nervous to help your child with a skill they find hard and don’t know where to start?

Stressed about whether you are teaching your child the knowledge they need?

Worried your child may not be ready for school?

Want more confidence in nurturing your child’s knowledge and skills?

That’s where Nurture Your Kids comes in…

Emily Alexander


since 2005

After 16 years in education in the UK and around the world.

A Headteacher, an Amazon best-selling author and Golden Apple Award winner.

And after the birth of my 3 gorgeous nieces – it was time…

Our Services

Passion for supporting parents & kids

At Nurture Your Kids our passion for supporting parents and their children drives the services we provide. Through support, confidence, knowledge and skills our parents can nurture their kids with ease.

Organisation & Study Skills


Knowledge Books

Hands-on personalised knowledge books, filled with knowledge development and practical ideas giving support, confidence and belief to parents.

Organisation & Study Skills

Providing young people with the knowledge and skills to be organised, productive and motivated towards success.


Providing 1-to-1 or small group tutoring for students age 8 – 13 (Year 4 – Year 8) to boost skills, knowledge and confidence.

NYK Knowledge Hub

Let’s Nurture the next Generation Together!



Our Mission

To use our knowledge, experience and skills to give support, confidence and belief to parents when nurturing their child’s knowledge and skills.   


Our Vision

At NYK our vision is to; 

Help reduce stress, removing anxiety & build confidence for our parents.

We support our parents in developing their child’s knowledge & skills with confidence.

Giving our parents support, confidence & belief.

So that our parents, our NYK Crew, can nurture their child’s knowledge and skills with ease – bringing smiles and fun to each home.